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Alexander Balatsky

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    Recent publications

    • Induced magnetization in La0.7Sr0.3MnO3/BiFeO3 superlattices

      • Singh S
      • Haraldsen J
      • Xiong J
      • et al.
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    • Distinguishing s<sup>±</sup> and s<sup>++</sup> electron pairing symmetries by neutron spin resonance in superconducting NaFe <inf>0.935</inf>Co<inf>0.045</inf>As

      • Zhang C
      • Li H
      • Song Y
      • et al.
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    Education and Training Postdoctoral • Physics, University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign (UIUC) - Champaign, IL • Los Alamos National Laboratory, (LANL) Los Alamos, NM 1989 – 1993 Graduate • Ph.D. “Intrinsic Orbital Momentum in Superfluid He3” 1987 Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, Moscow Russia • M.S. Physics, Moscow Physical Technical Institute 1984 Undergraduate • Physics, Moscow Physical Technical Institute 1982 Research and Professional Experience • Professor, Theoretical Condensed Matter, Nordita – Stockholm, Sweden 2012 - present • Research Professor of Physics, Boston College - Boston, MA 2011 – present • Theory Thrust Partner, Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies (CINT) CINT is a joint LANL-Sandia BES funded nanocenter at LANL - Los Alamos, NM 2005 - 2012 • Team Leader, Strongly Correlated Electron Systems, T-11 LANL - Los Alamos, NM 2004 - 2012 • Chief Scientist, Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies, LANL - Los Alamos, NM 2004 – 2005 • Staff Member - Los Alamos National Laboratory - Los Alamos, NM 1994 - 2004 • Fellowship of Japanese Society for Promotion of Science ERATO Project - Y. Tokura & N. Nagaosa – Tokyo University – Tokyo, Japan 2003 • J.R. Oppenheimer Fellow with K. Bedell, LANL - Los Alamos, NM 1991 - 1994 • Physics Department, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Champaign, IL Postdoctoral Associate Visiting Research Assistant Professor with D. Pines. 1989 - 1991 • Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics - Moscow, USSR 1985 – 1989 Collaborators and Co-editors (last 48 months) E. Abrahams (Rutgers University) D. Arovas (UC San Diego) A. Black-Schaffer (Uppsala U) J. Fransson (Uppsala Univ) P. Littlewood (Cambridge University) J.X. Zhu (Los Alamos) Graduate Students S. Banerjee, KTH/Nordita 9-2014 to present C. Triola, College of William and Mary Summers 2013-14 Rudro Biswas, Harvard University 8-2008 to 9-2009 R. Hembree, Hampden Sydney College, VA June-Aug 2008 Tanwa Apronthip Washington Univ, St Louis June-Aug 2008 H. Dahal BC summer student Summer, 2006 Postdoctoral Fellows Z. Huang – PD LANL 2015-present C. Triola – PD Nordita 2015-present Y. Kedem – PD Nordita 2013-present K. Zakharchenko – PD Nordita 2013-2015 S. Borysov – PD KTH 2012-present F. Mancarella – PD KTH 2012-2015 T. Ahmed – PD LANL now Staff Member LANL 2012-2015 H. She – PD Cornell 2011-2013 J. Haraldsen – PD LANL now Associate Professor U. North Florida T. Das – PD LANL now Associate Professor Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 2009-2011 H. Dahal – summer PD LANL now APS Editor 2008-2010 J.J. Su – PD Stanford Univ. now Associate Professor National Chiao Tung University 2008-2010 J. Fransson – PD now Associate Professor Uppsala University 2006-2008 I. Grigorenko – PD LANL now Assistant Professor NY City College of Technology 2006-2008 Y. Joglekar – PD now Assistant Professor Indiana Univ. Purdue Univ. Indianapolis 2002-2005 Z. Nussinov – PD now Associate Professor Washington University of St. Louis 2002-2005 J.X. Zhu – PD LANL now Staff Member LANL 2001-2004 D. Morr – PD now Associate Professor University of California Irvine 2000-2002 Graduate and Post-doctoral Advisors K. Bedell – Boston College, Boston, MA D. Pines – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Champaign, IL G.E. Volovik – Thesis advisor, Landau Institute Theoretical Physics, Moscow, Russia M. Feigelman – Landau Institute Theoretical Physics, Moscow, Russia Scientific Honors AAAS Fellow November 2011 American Physical Society (APS) - Outstanding Referee November 2009 Colloquium Ehrenfestii, Lorentz Institute for Theoretical Physics, Leiden Univ., NL February 2007 Los Alamos National Laboratory Fellow October 2005 American Physical Society Fellow November 2003 Senior Fellowship of Japanese Society for Promotion of Science March-April 2003 Los Alamos National Laboratory Achievement Award September 2000 Los Alamos National Laboratory Achievement Award March 2000 Los Alamos National Laboratory Achievement Award September 1997 J. Robert Oppenheimer fellowship at the Los Alamos National Laboratory 1991-1994 Funding Department of Energy (DOE) Basic Energy Sciences (BES) since 1997 Los Alamos National Laboratory - Laboratory Directed Research & Development University of California – Office of the President European Research Council Wallenberg Foundation Referee Nature Science Physical Review Other Scientific Journals

    Co-authors (494)

    • Stanislav Borysov
    • Hirokazu Tsunetsugu