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Alexandros Marinos

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  • University of Surrey
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I enrolled at the Deree College of the American College of Greece in 1999 to get my BSc in Business Administration with a major in Computer Information Systems. In 2005 I moved to the UK and the University of Surrey to attend the MSc Internet Computing programme from which I graduated with a distinction. I returned to Surrey in January of 2007 to start studying towards my PhD which I completed in September of 2010. I have been employed as a full-time researcher at the University of Surrey since August 2009. My main research interests revolve around two fundamental questions: Firstly, can control be made a property of groups rather than individuals? In the pre-computing days of high interaction costs, humans have tended to form hierarchical networks and create organisations that operate efficiently, despite their inflexible and often repressive characteristics. With information technology and connectivity drastically reducing the cost of interactions, it is time to re-examine these assumptions and truly explore organisational forms where every member remains fully in control of their own actions. In this context I am involved in the areas of Digital Ecosystems and its more recent materialisation, Community Cloud Computing. Secondly, to what extent can processes (algorithms, workflows, etc.) be automatically derived from unamiguous specifications? From the degree to which we can acheive this depends whether computer programs can be made transparent to and brought under the control of their users and owners. Current software enginering practices render software a black box that users interact with, unaware of its internal operation and reasons for various responses they receive. It also offers specific pre-programmed functionality that users cannot adopt to their evolving run-time needs. Also algorithms are fixed and do not adapt to the information about their input and context available at run-time. In this context my research revolves around the concept of the Generative Information System, an information system programmed through declarative models that the users can inspect and modify. The sysrem's operation is determined at run-time. I believe the two questions are intertwined as flexible and transaprent information systems can drastically reduce the cost of interactions and transactions therefore making feasible control structures previously unthinkable. From this viewpoint I study the architectural style of the Web, namely Representational State Transfer (REST) and how that can be utilised to bring about both Generative Information Systems on the local level and Digital Ecosystems on the global level.

Recent publications

  • RESTful Transactions supported by Isolation theorems

    • Razavi A
    • Marinos A
    • Moschoyiannis S
    • et al.
  • Using SBVR, REST and relational databases to develop information systems native to the digital ecosystem

    • Marinos A
    • Krause P

Professional experience

Research Associate

University of Surrey

August 2009 - Present


PhD Computing

University of Surrey

January 2007 - September 2010(4 years)

MSc Internet Computing

University of Surrey

September 2005 - August 2006(a year)

BSc Business Administration (major: Computer Information Systems)

Deree College of the American College of Greece

September 1999 - February 2004(4 years)

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