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Ali R. Chaudhary

  • PhD Candidate in Sociology
  • PhD Canadiate
  • University of California Davis Department of Sociology
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Research interests

immigrant incorporation and social inequality.I am broadly interested in theoretical and empirical investigations into processes of human socio-spatial mobility


My research interests lie at the intersection of international migration, race-ethnic studies, political & economic sociology and organization studies. I use advanced quantitative methods and mixed-method research designs to investigate how socio-cultural, political and economic contexts shape the integration of immigrants and minority groups across different liberal democratic societies. My current research consists of four projects related to the incorporation of immigrants and minorities: 1) a cross-national comparative dissertation on Pakistani immigrant non-profit organizations in London, Toronto and New York City; 2) a series of papers on immigrant and minority self-employment in the United States; 3) a comparative study of Latin American immigrant transnational engagement in Southern Europe; and 4) a series of papers using PEW data to understand the political views and identities of Muslims living in the United States.


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Professional experience

PhD Canadiate

Department of Sociology-University of California, Davis

September 2009 - Present