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Alison Mattek

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  • AlisonMattek_SEAMUS2011_Finalpaper

    • Mattek A
  • Revisiting Cagean Composition Methodology with a Modern Computational Implementation

    • Mattek A
    • Freeman M
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M.A. Digital Musics

Dartmouth College

B. S. Music Engineering

University of Miami


Alison Mattek is a Masters student at Dartmouth College in the Digital Musics program. She completed her Bachelors of Science at the University of Miami, majoring in Music Engineering. Her studies are focused in the fields of music, computer science, and psychology, and she is interested in the intersection of these three fields. Specifically, her research interests include music information retrieval, gesture recognition, the relationship between emotion and music, affective computing, and music therapy. Alison is a classical pianist, who began playing at the age of six. She also enjoys making sound art (i.e., musical works composed for playback alone), reading and writing poetry, and drawing.

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