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Amedee des Georges

  • PhD
  • Assistant Professor
  • City College of New York
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The greater level of complexity of the eukaryotic cell is reflected in the much greater level of regulation applied to its cellular processes, and the prevalence of cancer reminds us of their importance. Our goal is to look at the principles governing regulatory interactions in macromolecular complexes at the molecular level and how they influence and modulate the function of those complexes. We use state-of-the-art methods in cryo-electron microscopy and other biophysical and biochemical approaches to study two highly regulated systems: protein translation initiation and the regulation of calcium ion channels. For instance, ion channels such as the ryanodine receptor and the dihydropyridine receptor work together in a highly regulated process to trigger the contraction of muscles. Failures in this process, due to genetic mutations, stress or aging, lead to heart and muscular diseases such as arrhythmias and myopathies. A better understanding of these intricate processes could reveal drugable targets to treat these diseases, and cryo-electron microscopy is an extremely powerful tool to achieve that.

Recent publications

  • Structure of mammalian eIF3 in the context of the 43S preinitiation complex

    • des Georges A
    • Dhote V
    • Kuhn L
    • et al.
  • High-resolution cryo-electron microscopy structure of the Trypanosoma brucei ribosome

    • Hashem Y
    • Des Georges A
    • Fu J
    • et al.

Professional experience

Assistant Professor

City College of New York

August 2015 - Present

Assistant Professor

City University of New York

August 2015 - Present


Columbia University

December 2008 - August 2015(7 years)



University of Cambridge

October 2004 - November 2008(4 years)


Université Pierre et Marie Curie

September 1997 - July 2004(7 years)


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