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Amorena Bartlett

  • Criminology Student
  • MacEwan University

    Research interests

    canadian disability legislationedmonton vulnerable populationyouth and crimerestorative justicevulnerable populationsocial servicescriminal justice systemsocial model of disabilitydeaf and hard of hearingcriminology


    This research project will provide an in-depth examination and evaluation of services provided by Edmonton John Howard Society for deaf and hard of hearing clients. The project aims to identify both successful strategies and challenges for both clients and service providers. The project will focus on process and procedures (e.g., intake, program delivery, etc.) within the agency. The goals of the project are to identify strengths and weakness in service delivery and to solicit solutions to these challenges from research participants. The project will gather information directly from staff at Edmonton John Howard Society as well as relevant clients through semi-structured interviews. The project will also gather information through observation of procedures within programs and examination of relevant documents. I will be responsible for developing and conducting semi-structured interviews and collecting observational data. I will be responsible for all qualitative data entry and analysis. Results of this project will be presented at the 2017 Sociology Undergraduate Symposium and a written report will be provided to the Supervisors by the end of April 2017.


    MacEwan University