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Ana Colaco

  • Principal Investigator- under framework Investigador FCT
  • Institute of Marine Research
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I am a deep-sea ecologist, specialized on hydrothermal vent ecosystems, the trophic ecology of deep-sea systems, benthic ecology, biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and conservation. The focus of my research has been the trophic ecology, ecosystem function of deep-sea habitats, especially hydrothermal vents and seamounts. My research activities have three major goals: 1) understand how ecosystems are interconnected either from the trophic point of view, either from the larvae point of view. To do that I am studying the carbon fluxes, production, trophodynamics, the role of marine snow and large organic falls on deep-sea ecosystems, by sampling the deep-sea or by using experimental colonization devices, and together with physical oceanographers, starting modelling the potential sink and source populations of key species. 2) Understanding the existing impacts and future impacts on deep-sea ecosystems, specially the potential mining impacts, fisheries and climate ones; 3) how to use permanent fix observatories to study the changing deep-sea and to contribute to the establishment of deep-sea essential biological variables that can be used to monitor the environmental status of the ocean. I am also interested in defining ecotones (areas where different habitats overlap), by using functional trait approach. I am engaged on the promotion and installation of Observatories in the deep-seafloor for the study of the marine environment; All these aspects will feed the ultimate interest which is Conservation, more precisely the sustainable use of the deep-sea environment; My current projects focus on understanding the functioning role of the Sponges , and the export or organic matter from vents and from the surface.

Recent publications

  • A global perspective on the trophic geography of sharks

    • Bird C
    • Veríssimo A
    • Magozzi S
    • et al.
  • Metal interactions between the polychaete Branchipolynoe seepensis and the mussel Bathymodiolus azoricus from Mid-Atlantic-Ridge hydrothermal vent fields

    • Bebianno M
    • Cardoso C
    • Gomes T
    • et al.

Professional experience

Principal Investigator- under framework Investigador FCT

Institute of Marine Research

May 2015 - Present


Institute of Marine Research

April 2003 - April 2015(12 years)


Faculty of Sciences

University of Lisbon

January 1997 - December 2001(5 years)

Co-authors (437)

  • Raju Rajasabapathy