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Andrew Campbell

  • Doctorate of Global Leadership
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Research interests

LeadershipConflict ResolutionInternational Criminal CourtHuman RightsTransitional Justice


Overview: This proposal is to conduct an exploratory study of the individual leadership traits and competencies of judicial actors comprised of the Presidency of the Court, Office of the Prosecutor, and Registry and its support staff at the International Criminal Court (ICC) located at The Hague, Netherlands. The research design for this exploratory study semi-structured interview protocol has three objectives: 1) the key individual leadership traits within the judicial process, 2) the view of leadership traits among current and former judicial actors within the tripartite organs and its support staff, and 3) leadership practices within the tripartite organs of the ICC. The objectives of this study are to not to identify leadership traits of current and former president of the court, office of the prosecutor, and registry or court administrator and their support staff but also generate a body of knowledge that explores judicial actors as leaders within the national and international judicial systems. Broader Impact: The broader impact of this study will benefit society by creating a body of knowledge that will initiate a conceptual roadmap that bridges the disciplines of leadership and judicial processes to address the emerging complexity and global significance of transitional justice in post conflict environments. This study contributes to the development of bridging the judicial and leadership disciplines by laying the foundation of the role leadership competencies play within the international judicial community to prosecute human rights violations, protect victims from further human rights violations, and sustain the rule of law in a post conflict environment (Homan & Ducasse-Rogier, 2012). In essence, this study will make a significant contribution to national and international justice by understanding the role that individual leadership traits play within the ICC as transitional justice theorists seek to understand and develop legitimate legal capacities in a post conflict environment.

Publications (1)

  • MJMM-Process Innovation Collabrative Leadership v1



Doctorate of Global Leadership

Indiana Institute of Technology

June 2010 - May 2014(4 years)