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Andrew Wiggins


      Seattleite marooned in Texas. Luckily my training in the not-so-remote hills north of Seattle and in frigid Boston has prepared me well for present circumstances. Partially raised by a wild pack of music teachers, I can protect myself with bow, wit and bony elbows. Quality time in the bathtub and Puget Sound have led to a pretty rad job as an ocean engineer at a wave basin (think huge bathtub), where I test the response of ships and offshore structures to hurricanes. Work as chef for ninja grad students in Boston has given me the skills to feed myself and taught me that the best meals usually involve the fire alarm. Finally, an often broken heating system and an inheritted "put on a sweater" attitude have left me warm and with plenty of spare funds to buy more books and beer....or er something. Houston, Huzzah! Retractions: line "plenty of spare funds" should be removed, met live wire girlfriend (NOW WIFE) Jillian April Lee aka Jilly Bean. Mass silliness has ensued as documented in photos. Stay tuned.