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Anirban Ray

  • Nagoya Institute of Technology

    Research interests

    Vehicle NavigationAutonomous VehiclesComputer VisionDeep LearningMachine Learning


    I am particularly interested in deep neural networks and their effective use in computer vision domain for video understanding and image classification. I am investigating the use of mixed deep neural networks to combine some of the desired qualities of different types of neural network to obtain higher accuracy. My primary goal is to deploy my system in (autonomous) vehicles. My investigation also includes the understanding of speed-accuracy trade-off and optimized use of existing systems for vehicles using less computational resources like fewer clock cycles, fewer cores, less storage capacity, less memory accesses while keeping enough accuracy and speed.


    Master of Science

    Nagoya Kogyo Daigaku

    October 2015 - Present

    Bachelor of Technology

    Vel Tech Dr RR and Dr SR Technical University Department of Computer Science and Engineering

    July 2011 - June 2015(4 years)