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antonio castro

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  • Universidad de Almeria - University of Almeria
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Professional experience

Post doc

Universidad de Almeria - University of Almeria

October 2009 - Present



Universidad de Granada - University of Granada

February 2005 - Present


My name is Antonio Castro Martínez and I’m a young Spanish researcher. I’m currently working on the final stage of my PhD thesis, within a doctorate program on Arid Lands Ecology. I am doing my research work at the Regional Ecosystem and Biodiversity Analysis Laboratory (LAREB) of University of Almeria, and the Social-Ecological Systems Laboratory of Autonomous University of Madrid. In concrete, my research focuses on the biophysical and socio-economic valuation of ecosystem services. I look for the links between ecosystem functioning, social perceptions, ecosystem services providers units and services beneficiaries. My doctoral thesis supervisors are Javier Cabello, professor of University of Almeria and scientific coordinator of Andalusian Center for the Monitoring and Assessment of Global Change (CAESCG), and Carlos Montes, professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid, and coordinator of Spain Millennium Ecosystem Assessment. I also collaborate with Jose Paruelo, principal researcher of CONICET (Argentina) and Berta Martín-López, postdoctoral researcher at the Autonomous University of Madrid.

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