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Armando Cavero Miranda



    Armando W. Cavero Miranda was born in Lima, PERU, in 1957. He received the B.S. degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from SAN MARCOS NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, Lima, PERU, in 1985 ,and the M.S LATU SENSU. degree in 1994,from SÂO JUDAS TADEU University of, SAO PAULO, BRASIL. Eng. Armando Cavero Miranda has more than twenty years industry and research experiences in the area of power engineering. He has worked on many engineering and research projects related to power quality, voltage stability, Uninterruptible Power Supply and ballast electronics in the past. He is currently working in the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, MICROSOL Technology-American Power Converter by Schneider Electric, Fortaleza-Ceara-BRASIL. His research interests include the circuit design and driving of converters for uninterruptible power supply systems,renewable energy systems,high-frequency converters, microprocessor ,applications solar/photovoltaic energy, electronic fluorescent ballasts and switch-mode power supplies. He has also conducted PSpice computer simulations of the thermal and electrical characteristics of high current converters and ac and dc electric machines. Eng. Armando Cavero Miranda is member of Brazilian Power Electronics Society.