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Armin Eskandari

  • Director
  • Strategic Education, Tourism & Trade Group (SETT Group)
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Professional experience


Strategic Education, Tourism & Trade Group (SETT Group)

January 2010 - Present

Biology DEP. Hydrobiology SEC.

Hacettepe University


Ph.D in Hydrobiology

Hacettepe University

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Urmia IA University


Gradueted of profesional Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2001 from iran.İs studing in Hydrobiology Division, Biology Department of HACETTEPE University as PhD Student in Turkey. research's consists in the Charactrazation and Systematic on Artemia (Branchiopoda, Anostraca) and Ecology of Saline and Hypersaline Ecosystem’s, and Animal Cytogenetics. Professional Experience 2002-2004, Director, Urum Rushd Abzi LTD Co. (Cray fish Harvesting, Processing, Packing) 2003-2006, Director, Urmia Cold Water fish culture Company (Cage culture of Trout in Araz Dam Lake) 2003-2005, Member of Board, Azar Pakhsh, An.Co (Distribution of veterinary Drug in west Azerbaijan province,iran) 2005-present, Member of Board, Urmia Cold Water fish Farmmers cooperative 2010-present,Director, Strategic Education, Tourism & Trade Group (SETT Group)


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