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Ashish Umre

  • Artificial Intelligence Researcher
  • Lecturer/Associate Tutor
  • University of Sussex
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Recent publications

  • Maintenance semantic metrics for WIA-PA wireless sensor networks in the device layer of smart grids

    • Wang Y
    • Zeng P
    • Zhang Y
    • et al.
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  • Dynamics of Agent Interaction : In search of strategies for optimal information sharing

    • Umre A
    • Wakeman I

Professional experience

Lecturer/Associate Tutor

University of Sussex

Technical/Research Skills Trainer

University of Sussex

University of Sussex Department of Informatics


I am an Artificial Intelligence reseacher and Associate tutor at University of Sussex, involved in multidisciplinary research in the areas involving Complex Distributed Systems, Social Behaviour, Swarm Intelligence, Evolutionary Computation, Evolutionary Game Theory, Social Foraging, Cooperation and Conflict etc. I hold a Bachelors in Engineering (B.E.) (Hons.) in Computer Science and Engineering from University of Madras, MRes in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence from Sussex and finishing my doctorate (DPhil) at Sussex in Artificial Intelligence. I have previously worked at Future Technologies Group and Programmable Networks Lab at British Telecom Research Labs and received Industry and EPSRC funding to pursue research in Self-organising Systems, Biologically inspired algorithms and techniques. RESEARCH: Multidisciplinary research involving development of novel adaptive biologically inspired algorithms to optimise resource discovery and dissemination in distributed systems (e.g. Unstructured P2P networks) Experiments with Social Insects (Bees and Ants) with respect to Communication, Group Decision making, Division of Labour, Task Partitioning and Foraging Behaviour. Developed a Multi Agent Based Simulation based on social behaviour using metaphors from sociobiology and game theory. Built upon the principle of EOS (Evolutionary and Ecosystem) Framework, developed at BT Research Labs. Modelling information dissemination algorithms and analysing local and global dynamics of information sharing. Individual and Group Foraging behaviour quantified using ideas of Cost/Benefits of cooperation within the domain of distributed systems, where biologically inspired agents interact with each other using the environment to disseminate information about resources. Introducing ideas of Trust and Reputation using simple behaviour rules, resulting in complex system dynamics. Surveyed various Simulation Softwares like MASON, NetLogo, RePast, NS-2 Network Simulator etc. PhD Thesis: : "Dynamics of Spatio-temporal interactions between biologically inspired agents: Social Foraging in Distributed Systems" (EPSRC-CASE Scholarship) A lot of this work has been developed in collaboration with British Telecom Research Labs, UK (2000 - 2005).

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