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Asuka kondah

  • choreographer
  • vocas

    Professional experience



    July 2008 - Present



    Columbia University

    June 2010 - Present


    Hi I am Asuka Kondoh, quite cool and elegance in ballroom dance, I will spend my whole life only in the dance because I am much addicted to dancing that too in Latin ballroom dance. I believe that we learn by put into practice. Whether it means to discover to dance by working dancing or to discover to live by working living.... In each it is the performance of a devoted accurate set of acts, corporal or logical, from which comes shape of accomplishment, a intelligence of one's being, a fulfillment of spirit. One becomes in some area an contestant of God. I have chosen dance as my life so in behalf of it I have created a cute site on dance itself. Where it will provide lots and lots of variety of dancers, styles and much more information