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Avimar Junior

  • M.Ed.
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Professional experience


UFBA - Universidade Federal da Bahia

February 2011 - March 2016(5 years)


Faculdade São Francisco de Barreiras - FASB

July 2009 - December 2011(2 years)


Universidade de Rio Verde - Fesurv

January 2007 - July 2009(3 years)


PhD in Psychology

Instituto de Psicologia - Universidade Federal da Bahia - UFBA

February 2011 - March 2016(5 years)

Master in Education

Faculdade de Educação - Universidade Federal de Goiás

February 2006 - October 2008(3 years)


Catholic University of Goiás (Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Goiás)

February 1999 - July 2005(6 years)


I'm psychologist, psychoanalist of children and adolescents, studying at UFBA, Salvador, Brazil, researching suicide behavior of children and adolescents. My research interest are: psychoanalisis of children and adolescents; School Psychology; Violence at school; Bullying; Racism, Prejudice and discrimination; african brazilian religions: Umbanda, Candomblé.

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