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Bagh-e Nazar journal

  • theoretical study of art
  • peer-reviwed journal
  • NAZAR research center
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Bagh-e Nazar is the peer- reviewed Journal on the theoretical principals of art. The journal has been publishing since 2003 by the NAZAR Research Center. The main themes in this journal are visual arts, architecture and urban studies. Targeted the development of knowledge, it presents the recent researches of the Iranian scholars in these fields on the arts and civilizations of Iran and the orient. Bagh-e Nazar is about to register the detailed English abstracts, at the international databases, in order to present the achievements of the Iranian scholars to the international academic communities. To do so, an international editorial board will be formed in the close future to review the submitted essays of both Iranian and none- Iranian authors. The editorial board just publishes the recent researches on the basis of indigenous subjects referred to the genuine resources and full documented projects. The submitted articles are reviewed by two professional referees;and the published ones required, at least, three confidential referees; after endorsed by the editorial board. Bagh-I-Nazar is currently enlisted by the Islamic World Scientific Citation Center (ISC) and the scientific Information Database of Jahad-e Daneshgahi Research Organization (SID) of Iran. By the near future, also, it will be enlisted in the database of Institute for Scientific Information (ISI). There are several factors which have made academic journals to have a small readership in Iran. These factors include various problems pertaining to the printing of the journals and the low public interest in reading academic materials. This is while Iran has numerous advantages which can be utilized to promote public access to academic journals. Examples of such advantages include the availability of the internet to the public as an easy source for learning as well as the high number of young student population, particularly in disciplines dealing with architecture, urban development, landscape, arts, environment, cultural heritage, etc. This has made the management of Bagh-e Nazar Quarterly Journal to upload the full versions of the Journal in the website of the Journal to increase its penetration rate among expert and professional groups. This project has been launched as of July 2011. Bagh-e Nazar management believes that this project will provide a platform for international experts to get connected to each other. The positive effects of this have already become visible over the short period after the launch of the project. Interestingly, the circulation of printed copies of Bagh-e Nazar has not been reduced because many public libraries as well as academic and expert circles are still subscribers to this journal. It is expected that the publication of Bagh-e Nazar online would increase the public interest in buying the printed copies, as well.

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  • A Schematic Explanatory Pattern for the Psychological Process of Achieving Environmental Meaning

  • The Evaluation of Spatial Justice in Redevelopment of Urban Spaces


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