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Barry Deutsch

      Professional experience

      Wedding Coordinator

      The Old Church


      Self Employed


      Twelve facts about Barry Deutsch! 1. Born in New York, and has lived in New York, Connecticut, Ohio and Massachusetts, before coming to a stop in Portland, Oregon. 2. Attended Oberlin College, The School of Visual Arts in NYC, and finally Portland State University. 3. While at SVA, took classes from Will Eisner. 4. Never attended UMass, but did a daily comic strip in the UMass student newspaper, called “Cast of Thousands.” 5. Keeps a small herd of pigs in his drawing area. 6. Draws on a Cintiq, using Photoshop. 7. Lives in a bright blue house with pink trim, which he shares with six other adults, two small children, three cats and an unknown number of fish. 8. Loves speaking at schools and libraries, either in person or via Skype. 9. His favorite TV show is a Canadian comedy called “Slings and Arrows.” 10. He listens to musicals. A lot. I mean, really a lot. Freakishly a lot. Especially musicals by Stephen Sondheim. 11. Works in front of five nearly floor-to-ceiling windows. When pedestrians stop to peer at him, he waves happily at them. 12. Nearly always stands up while drawing “Hereville.”