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Basic and Clinical Neuroscience Journal

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    BCN is an open access journal, which is the official Publication of Iran University of Medical Sciences & Iranian Neuroscience Society. BCN is an international multi disciplinary quarterly journal that publishes editorials, original full‐length research articles, short communications, reviews, methodological papers, commentaries, perspectives and “news and reports” in the broad fields of developmental, molecular, cellular, systems, computational, behavioral, cognitive, and clinical neuroscience. Manuscripts submitted to BCN should describe novel results generated by experiments that were guided by clearly defined aims or hypotheses and should not have appeared or submitted to any other journals. BCN’s aim is to provide serious ties in interdisciplinary communication, accessibility to a broad readership internationally, effective peer review process, and independence from all possible non scientific interests. BCN also tries to empower national, regional and international collaborative networks in the field of neuroscience and to be the voice of the Iranian and regional neuroscience community in the world of neuroscientists. BCN is a new journal dedicated to neuroscience field which intends to become an indexed and cited peer reviewed journal and to meet its quality standards in near future. To achieve this aim, BCN asks for support from all Iranian Neuroscientists doing research around the word in submitting manuscripts in all aspects of neuroscience research. We need your comments and valuable inputs. We are also asking Iranian Neuroscientists who are principle investigators to nominate as reviewers and/or editors in the different areas of neuroscience in BCN.

    Publications (5)

    • Assessing the Effects of Opioids on Pathological Memory by a Computational Model

      • Borjkhani M
      • Bahrami F
      • Janahmadi M
    • Automatic Seizure Detection Based on Nonlinear Dynamical Analysis of EEG Signals and Mutual Information

      • Akbarian B
      • Erfanian A
    • Effects of Clavulanic Acid on the Acquisition and Reinstatement Following Morphineinduced Conditioned Place Preference in Mice

      • Imenshahidi M
      • Zafari H
      • Hosseinzadeh H
    • The Antinociceptive Effects of Rosuvastatin in Chronic Constriction Injury Model of Male Rats

      • Hasanvand A
      • Ahmadizar F
      • Abbaszadeh A
      • et al.
    • The Conference of the Birds: An Old Artistic Concept Making Sense in Modern Sciences

      • Saebipour M
      • Zare M
      • Ghaemi K
      • et al.