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Bekonal Santale

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    The research database About Knowledge(s) on Nature in Latin America is a research tool that incorporates more than one thousand references on different forms of knowledge on natural resources in Latin America, as well as on the social and political legitimation of these forms of knowledge. The database is built within the Mendeley environment. Mendeley is a desktop and web tool that serves as reference manager and is one of the largest research databases of science due to its collaborative nature. Our research database is a compilation of those articles recommended by members of the WP5-BEKONAL in relation to the subject of different forms of knowledge on natural resources in Latin America. Thanks to the cross-disciplinary nature of Mendeley the database offers content-based recommendations on further research studies. Needless to say, this content-based cross-disciplinary aspect is specially suited for the study of the interactions of different forms of knowledge on natural resources. The Mendeley environment allows navigating through research articles through semantic tags. Tags are like keywords, except that they are defined by the users and not the authors of papers. In the research database 'About Knowledge(s) on Nature in Latin America' we have included tags that relate to subject areas (such as, for instance, "traditional knowledge", "agriculture", "indigenous communities", "science, society, and technology", "biodiversity", "scientometrics", etc.) When possible, field studies have also been georeferenced with geographic tags as well. This allows navigating through similar studies carried on the same geographic area. Visit the data base here: or through the "Public groups Bekonal is a member of" section on the right side of this page.

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