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Bengt-Arne Vedin

  • Professor emeritus
  • Dept. of Industrial Economics & Management, Royal Institute of Technology
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Professional experience

Professor emeritus

Dept. of Industrial Economics & Management, Royal Institute of Technology

August 2009 - Present



Industrial organization, Chalmers Institute of Technology

October 1980 - Present

Research interests


Master of Engineering Sciences (technical physics; assistant lecturer in physics 1962-64) in 1964, Bengt-Arne Vedin spent the next three years at the Institute for Semiconductor Research, developing electronics products for industry, with a handful of patents to show for it. In 1967, he belonged to the team starting up Europe’s largest (circulation 90 000 then) technology newsletter/news magazine, the Swedish weekly Ny Teknik (New Technology), of which he was later made Editor-in-Chief. For a while, he also served as editor-in-chief of the specialist magazine Elteknik. He was a co-founder of the Scandinavian association of scientific and technological journals. 1971-74 Bengt-Arne Vedin was with the secretariat of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, responsible, i a, for international relations and information. He also served as the Academy's representative in the Board of Directors of Sweden Center Japan and the Nordforsk Board of Directors (Nordforsk being an organization to facilitate research collaboration within Scandinavia). 1974-77 he spent developing new products and businesses in the field of new electronic media, as the Secretary General of Nord-Video, an organisation of 10 large Scandinavian media companies, also starting up, as its first President, Nord Media Ltd in London, and heading Nord-Video Ltd. Furthermore, he served as the technology director of Ebav, a joint development company between two leading Swedish publishers. After thus having been practicing the innovation business, mostly in information technology, he has since 1977 been engaged in innovation research, in 1977-1987 as a research programme director at SNS, the Swedish Business & Social Research Institute (engaged with the institute 50-80 per cent of his time). During that same period, he also served as a guest researcher and a guest professor at the OECD, the US National Academy of Engineering (NAE) in Washington, D C, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Boston University. At the NAE, he was called upon to provide international expertise for a series of studies evaluating the future potential for the US industry in five important technology sectors (1979-81). The studies were so well received that several more studies were commissioned. Working with future studies since 1969, he combined innovation research with attempts to forecast information technology but also to describe more general social trends. He served on the Esselte Corp. development council, engaged in innovation, forecasting, and IT efforts on a corporate level. He provided an evaluation of a new teaching method, the Inventors’ University, for the Swedish Employment Security Council, for which organization he also organized half a dozen study tours to the US and Asia to learn about technology development and job creation through entrepreneurial activities. For a couple of years, he had a consultancy arrangement with Volvo to provide input to its Technology Awareness Program, and also to prepare for its participation in the Eureka program. His main research project at the SNS was geared at understanding and depicting Sweden’s innovation climate. Another project aimed at mapping the innovative impact of the first and second energy crises. Several projects integrated innovation aspects into industrial policy and were geared towards the fostering of new and growth companies. In 1984, Dr Vedin was appointed an adjunct professor of the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. One major research project described a number of important technology procurement projects across national borders, another looked at the potential importance of an active corporate board in the start-up phase of a research based company. The Institute being one of the founders of IMIT, Institute for Management of Innovation and Technology, he served on the IMIT Board of Directors and participated in its research program on information technology and management. He held the adjunct professorship at the Royal Institute of Technology until 1993. 1984-2005 he served as Secretary General of the Ruben Rausing Foundation for Research on Entrepreneurship and Innovation. 1992-96 he was a member of the Colour Research Council, and 1993-96 the Chairman of the Research Council of the Stockholm Technical Museum, a Council he was elected to in 1986. He is a member of the Teldok Editorial Board (now, since 2002, just the Board) since its inception in 1979. He served as a guest professor at the Kasetsart University in Bangkok in 1998. In 1993, the Swedish Government appointed him to perform the National Innovation Study, resulting in a White Paper in the Fall of 1993 and a number of governmental propositions in 1994 including the creation of the Innovation Center Foundation, responsible for supporting small business innovation in Sweden with a Fund amounting to appr. 100 mill. USD. 1994-1995 he served as its chairman. From October 1996 until the end of its term in June 1998 he served on the Swedish government's special commission on small and medium size enterprises, focusing on, i a, competency and also capital supply to support SME growth. For the Swedish Institute for Future Studies he performed a major future study on patterns in industrial production 1990-93. Another such project, on creativity, innovation, and their effects on future society, was started in 1996 and concluded in 1999, the results published in a book in the year 2000. Dr Vedin is a fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, the Swedish Academy of Verbovisual Information, the Inventors’ Academy (Uppfinnarkollegiet), the World Academy of Art and Science, and a Life Member of the World Futures Society. He has served on some fifteen corporate Boards of Directors (among them the Swedish Space Corporation and AB Traction), and some fifteen different boards of professional societies (including Chair of the Swedish Future Studies Society). He has been appointed to several editorial committees. Currently, he is serving on the Board of Halmstad University. For a long time, he served on the Board of the Swedish Society of Parliament Members and Scientists. In the Fall of 1996 he served on an EU Industrial Advisory Panel for the 1998-2002 Esprit program. In 1999 he, together with another international expert, was called upon to comment on the Israeli government program for supporting innovative projects, as part of an evaluation of this program. Later, he was serving as the outside expert for judging the merits of an applicant for a professorship at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Ber Sheva. In 1999, he also served on the selection committee for the professorship in innovation management at the Mälardalen University; in the year 2000, for an adjunct professorship at the Linköping University. In November 2000, he became an adjunct professor in innovation management at the Mälardalen University College, named full professor there late 2004. In 2002, he served on another selection committee, for a professorship in innovation management at Lund University, and then again, in 2003, for and adjunct professorship in process innovation at the Luleå University of Technology. Recently, 1999-2004, he has been responsible for the Teldok project ”innovation on the Internet” and involved in a project on design firms in new product development together with Politecnico of Milan, Manchester University, Rensselaer Polytechnic, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Books: Nya media (with Nils B Treving; also translated into Norwegian) Mental miljöförstöring (with Nils B Treving) New Media Survey Media Japan Media Futura Current Innovation (ed) Large company organisation and radical product innovation Creativity Management Corporate Culture for Innovation Innovation Organization Creativity Management and Corporate Culture Teknik och trygghet 1982 Små idéer i stora företag Innovationsklimatet i Sverige Innovation for Development (co-ed) Informationssamhället nästa Att förnya förvaltning och näringsliv (co-author) Leda rätt (co-author) Kunskap i obalans (co-author) Datorer med ett mänskligt ansikte ? Kreativitet per dator (with G-M Holst) Alla tiders patent Det sannolikt osannolika (co-ed) Ny teleteknik — ny organisation ? (with G-M Holst) 1983, in English 1984: New Telecommunications – New Organization Envar sin egen konsult Källor till nya jobb Godmorgon framtid ! Media Trends Innovationer — i vems intresse ? Ny informationsteknologi i Japan (co-author) 1987 Telematikens Årsbok 1987 (co-ed) Storanvändares erfarenheter av avancerad teleteknik (co-author; also in English: Large telecom users´ experiences) 1988 Technology, Tumbling Walls of (1990) (also translated into French) Kunskap, tjänster eller industri ? (1989) Finns Japan ? (1989) Teldoks Årsbok (1988) (co-ed) Teldoks Årsbok (1989-90) (co-ed) Starka motiv ! (with P Tovman) EG-praktika (ed) Starta eget — med framgång ! (with P Tovman) Ny informationsteknik — nya strukturer (with G-M Holst; also in English: New information technology — new structures) 1991 Teldok Utgivning 1981-1991 (1992) Teknisk revolt (1992) Nätverk för produktion och kunskap (1993) Electronic Publishing — elektronisk förlagsverksamhet (1993) Information Technology, Social Fabric (1993) Innovationer för Sverige, SOU 1993:84 (1993) Management of Change and Innovation, (ed.) (1994) Japan — teknik, slagord, genomförandekraft (co-ed) 1994 NII — USAs elektroniska motorvägar, alias Infobahn (with G-M Holst) (1994) Myter om IT (1995) (in English in 1996: IT Myths) Informationstekniken nu, då, sedan (1995) Innovationer — lönsamma och konkurrenskraftiga (1995) Teldok 1991-1995 (1995) Resor i rum och tid (april 1996) Innovation foresight at the edge of chaos (1996) Den valbara tekniken (1997) (hypertext version 1999) Informationsteknik — reflexer av det mänskliga (1998) 100 råd om innovation (1998) Läs om Teldoks utgivning 1995-1999 (1999) IT-Sverige — en vision från Dataföreningen (1999) Ond snö (2000) IT, innovation — Israel (ed.; also in English with the same title) (2000) Innovation & kreativitet (2000) The Long Now of Information (2000) Bengts lilla tvära (2003) Internet — system för innovation (2004) Teldok går i mål (red) (2006) Design-Inspired Innovation (co-editor) (2006) Rifo 50

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