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Beth McMillan

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    I'm a socialist feminist atheist vegetarian linux head and I think all of those things are awesome. I haven't played many computer games that were made after 1992 and I am unexpectedly and spectacularly foul-mouthed, especially when playing pre-1992 computer games. My life is full of interesting things, cups of tea, baked goods and people I want to hug. I like to make things and fix things, and then I like to have a little nap and maybe a snack. I really really really want to be a scientist one day. My favourite comics: xkcd, Questionable Content, Sinfest, Penny and Aggie, Pictures for Sad Children, Kawaii Not, Buttercup Festival, A Softer World. My favourite comedians: Frankie Boyle, Dara O'Briain, Dylan Moran, Eddie Izzard, Bill Bailey, Tim Minchin, Robin Ince.

    Professional experience

    Vacation Student Researcher

    University of Sheffield

    June 2010 - July 2010(a month)

    Administrative bank

    Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

    June 2008 - April 2010(2 years)

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