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Bianca Le Cornu

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    I'm the sensual_sloth ... did you know that hitting two pistachio nuts together sounds like a small horse galloping towards you? Bo* - That's what many call me. I'm a creative ... a thinker ... a designer ... lecturer and writer. Part-time (though sometimes full time) band manager for various bands in the industry. Past bands include: Torment, Knave, Chromium, Falling Short, Guernica, March Against Me & Acoustic Liquid :) ... Black Pencil Studios would mean nothing without my little bands creating havoc in my life :) Also one of the 3 Seasons Wither team mates who, despite tough times, seem to keep on trucking :-p I live my life with passion. Everything that I decide to do ... is like a breath of fresh air that I absorb into my very existence ... I learn something new everyday ;) ... :) I have also booked for: Namuh Outside The New

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