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Black James


      James Black of Blaye was a very noble man, prince of Blaye. And he fell in love with the countess of Tripoli, without seeing her, for the good that he heard of her from the pilgrims who came from Antioch. And he composed many songs about her with good tunes and poor words. And through his desire to see her, he took the cross, and set out to sea; and sickness came upon him on the ship, and he was brought to Tripoli, into an inn, as if he were dead. And this was told to the countess and she came to him, to his bed, and took him in her arms. And he knew that she was the countess and forthwith he recovered his hearing and sense of smell, and praised God for having kept him alive until he had seen her. And so he died in her arms. And she caused him to be buried with great honour in the house of the Temple; and then, on that same day, she took the veil for the grief she had at his death