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Blair Smith

  • Fat Face


    In the tough time in life that I've experienced, there has always been one solid thing that has remained the reason for existence. I think I probably know what your thinking, "Who does this punk think he is? He don't know tough, his idea of tough is having to used lace up shoes and not velcro. He don't have life experience, he just a punk." You're thinking, "he's only 22, he doesn't know anything, he's a punk." Well you may be supprised. I have been to Guyana bro. As is South America bro, what kind of punk goes there?? This kind of punk that's who. I've seen things man, I've done things you wouldn't even believe. You don't know what its like to have to do those things man, your just a punk. You don't know me. But anyway, I know, now your probably thinking, "I got this punk all wrong he is quite cool bro." I know thats what your thinking. And I am quite cool. I'm blue belt in Karate, yeah I know. its impressive. This solid thing that has brought me through the hard times on my adventures is a little website.I used to quote a lot while I was teaching, and to my friends. Think of it as my version of the bible. It really speaks to me. SO I've decided to give you all the opportunity, the same opportunity I had. Here is the website. Hope you can all get as much use and feeling out of it as me. Peace out, you punks. xoxoxoxo

    Professional experience

    Fat Face

    September 2011 - Present


    Zizzi Restaurant

    June 2011 - August 2011(2 months)


    Government of Guyana

    September 2009 - August 2010(a year)

    Fat Face

    Ministry of Education, Guyana

    Project Trust