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Breanna Bolley

  • Clinical Outreach Coordinator
  • Engage Healthcare Solutions


    Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Breanna Bolley serves as chief executive officer and founder of CODE Technology. A former registered nurse in an urban hospital and clinical outreach coordinator for Engage Healthcare Solutions, Breanna Bolley handles the firm's operations, including marketing, sales, long-term strategies, and infrastructure. CODE Technology utilizes her understanding of the healthcare field and technology to obtain patient satisfaction data from patients in medical facilities before they leave. By receiving real-time feedback, medical professionals and departments can respond more quickly to low satisfaction scores by learning about improvements they should make. In addition to running her own business, Bolley volunteers with several philanthropic groups. In October 2013, she put on a fundraiser for SIGN Fracture Care International, an organization that offers orthopedic care to individuals in developing nations and provides training to local doctors. Bolley also participates in breakfast and dinner events twice per week through Grace in the City. Additionally, Breanna Bolley spent years as a Bible study host and Sunday school teacher at Christ Church of the Valley.

    Professional experience

    Clinical Outreach Coordinator

    Engage Healthcare Solutions

    September 2012 - Present


    CODE Technology

    August 2010 - Present