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Brian Bot's Publications

Senior Scientist, Sage Bionetworks
Seattle, Washington, United States

Research field: Biological Sciences - Biotechnology
challenging the scientific status quo
Journal Article (14)

Journal Article

Jonathan M J Derry, Lara M Mangravite, Christine Suver, Matthew D Furia, David Henderson, Xavier Schildwachter, Brian Bot, Jonathan Izant, Solveig K Sieberts, Michael R Kellen, Stephen H Friend (2012) Developing predictive molecular maps of human disease through community-based modeling, 127-130. In Nature Genetics 44 (2).
Ann L Oberg, Brian M Bot, Diane E Grill, Gregory A Poland, Terry M Therneau (2012) Technical and biological variance structure in mRNA-Seq data: life in the real world., 304. In BMC genomics 13 (1).
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Qian Shi, Lindsay A. Renfro, Brian M. Bot, Tomasz Burzykowski, Marc Buyse, Daniel J. Sargent (2011) Comparative assessment of trial-level surrogacy measures for candidate time-to-event surrogate endpoints in clinical trials, 2748-2757. In Computational Statistics & Data Analysis 55 (9).
Daniel J Sargent, Murray B Resnick, Michael O Meyers, Atoussa Goldar-Najafi, Thomas Clancy, Sharlene Gill, Gary O Siemons, Qian Shi, Brian M Bot, Tsung-Teh Wu, Guillaume Beaudry, Jean-François Haince, Yves Fradet (2011) Evaluation of Guanylyl Cyclase C Lymph Node Status for Colon Cancer Staging and Prognosis., 1-10. In Annals of surgical oncology.
Brian M Bot, Jeanette E Eckel-Passow, Shauna N Legrand, Tracy Hilton, John C Cheville, Todd Igel, Alexander S Parker (2011) Expression of endothelin 2 and localized clear cell renal cell carcinoma.. In Human pathology.
Charles D Blanke, Brian M Bot, David M Thomas, Archie Bleyer, Claus-Henning Kohne, Matthew T Seymour, Aimery de Gramont, Richard M Goldberg, Daniel J Sargent (2011) Impact of Young Age on Treatment Efficacy and Safety in Advanced Colorectal Cancer: A Pooled Analysis of Patients From Nine First-Line Phase III Chemotherapy Trials., 2781-6. In Journal of clinical oncology : official journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology 29 (20).
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Zhifu Sun, Yan W Asmann, Krishna R Kalari, Brian Bot, Jeanette E Eckel-Passow, Tiffany R Baker, Jennifer M Carr, Irina Khrebtukova, Shujun Luo, Lu Zhang, Gary P Schroth, Edith A Perez, E Aubrey Thompson (2011) Integrated analysis of gene expression, CpG island methylation, and gene copy number in breast cancer cells by deep sequencing., e17490. In PloS one 6 (2).
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Aimery de Gramont, Joleen Hubbard, Qian Shi, Michael J O'Connell, Marc Buyse, Jacqueline Benedetti, Brian Bot, Chris O'Callaghan, Greg Yothers, Richard M Goldberg, Charles D Blanke, Al Benson, Qiqi Deng, Steven R Alberts, Thierry Andre, Norman Wolmark, Axel Grothey, Daniel Sargent (2010) Association between disease-free survival and overall survival when survival is prolonged after recurrence in patients receiving cytotoxic adjuvant therapy for colon cancer: simulations based on the 20,800 patient ACCENT data set., 460-5. In Journal of clinical oncology : official journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology 28 (3).
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Shauna L Hillman, Sumithra J Mandrekar, Brian Bot, Ronald P DeMatteo, Edith A Perez, Karla V Ballman, Heidi Nelson, Jan C Buckner, Daniel J Sargent (2010) Evaluation of the value of attribution in the interpretation of adverse event data: a North Central Cancer Treatment Group and American College of Surgeons Oncology Group investigation., 3002-7. In Journal of clinical oncology : official journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology 28 (18).
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Julie M Cunningham, Ann L Oberg, Pedro M Borralho, Betsy T Kren, Amy J French, Liang Wang, Brian M Bot, Bruce W Morlan, Kevin A T Silverstein, Rod Staggs, Yan Zeng, Anne-Francoise Lamblin, Christopher A Hilker, Jian-Bing Fan, Clifford J Steer, Stephen N Thibodeau (2009) Evaluation of a new high-dimensional miRNA profiling platform., 57. In BMC medical genomics 2 (1).
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Daniel J Sargent, Claus Henning Köhne, Hanna Kelly Sanoff, Brian M Bot, Matthew T Seymour, Aimery de Gramont, Ranier Porschen, Leonard B Saltz, Philippe Rougier, Christopher Tournigand, Jean-Yves Douillard, Richard J Stephens, Axel Grothey, Richard M Goldberg (2009) Pooled safety and efficacy analysis examining the effect of performance status on outcomes in nine first-line treatment trials using individual data from patients with metastatic colorectal cancer., 1948-55. In Journal of clinical oncology : official journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology 27 (12).
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Yolanda I Garces, Scott H Okuno, Steven E Schild, Sumithra J Mandrekar, Brian M Bot, John M Martens, Donald B Wender, Gamini S Soori, Dennis F Moore, Timothy F Kozelsky, James R Jett (2007) Phase I North Central Cancer Treatment Group Trial-N9923 of escalating doses of twice-daily thoracic radiation therapy with amifostine and with alternating chemotherapy in limited stage small-cell lung cancer., 995-1001. In International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics 67 (4).
Sumithra J Mandrekar, Donald W Northfelt, Steven E Schild, Nathan R Foster, Brian Bot, Randolph S Marks, James A Mailliard, James E Krook, Andrew W Maksymiuk, Alex A Adjei, James R Jett (2006) Impact of pretreatment factors on adverse events: a pooled analysis of North Central Cancer Treatment Group advanced stage non-small cell lung cancer trials., 556-63. In Journal of thoracic oncology : official publication of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer 1 (6).