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Bruce Humbert

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    Grew up in Midland during the 50s - a great time! Crucible Steel was a solid company and dad worked for them as a payroll clerk. Enjoyed school and sports - tried football, but ended up focusing on basketball. Honor student and kind of a nerd. Eagle Scout - took a long time to get that last merit badge. Fell in love and dated first wife through college - struggled with math throughout college, but was lucky enough to have the support of Peoples Natural Gas Company. They kept me on scholarship even though they could have dropped me. Worked with them each summer and met some great folks. Decided to continue and took a full-time job with them as a Petroleum Engineer. We had our first child - but put him up for adoption. Got my first Siamese - Snoopy - a great kitty who convinced me that cats were awesome and Siamese were special. To be continued...

    Professional experience


    Treasure Coast Research

    January 2009 - Present

    Vice President of Brand Development

    Sara Lee Corporation

    September 2002 - November 2005(3 years)