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Bruce Moran


      Born 08/04/1981 in Dublin, Ireland. 1999-2004: Studied for undergrad in Botany at University College Dublin, acheiving a 1. Undergrad thesis project: Paternity analysis of Raphanus sp. using SSRs. 2005-2006: Taught masters in Quantitative Genetics and Genome Analysis at University of Edinburgh, acheiving the degree. Disertation project: Population structure of two Auricaria sp. in New Caledonia. 2007-2009: Research masters in Population Structure of Brown Crab in Irish Waters, acheiving the degree. Lab based using DNA genotyping methods with SSRs, over 800 individuals used representing 8 populations. 2009-2010: Lab technician with Greg Hurst's group at University of Liverpool ( working on sequencing to fine map a male-killing supressor gene. Current: Walsh Fellow PhD. student at Teagasc ( Investigating bovine fertility in Holstein-Friesian dairy cattle using gene expression (RNA-seq) and genome wide association methods.