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Bruno Gerard profile photo

Bruno Gerard, PhD's Publications

Director, Global Conservation Agriculture Program, International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT)
El Batán, Mexico

Research field: Biological Sciences - Agricultural Science
Ag. Systems analysis, integrated soil fertility management, crop-livestock interactions

Conference Proceedings

B. Gerard (2014) Precision agriculture for smallholder farmers: Are we dreaming?, 46-48. In Borlaug Summit on Food Security.
Santiago Lopez-Ridaura, Charles Bielders, Ivan Ortiz-Monasterio, Bruno Gerard (2013) Beyond modeling wheat physiology: What do system agronomists need?, 3-6. In Proceedings of the Workshop on Modeling Wheat Response to High Temperature. CIMMYT, El Batán, Mexico, June 2013. Mexico, D.F..
S. Lopez-Ridaura, B. Gérard (2012) Adaptation to climate change for cereal based small scale farming systems. Options at different levels, from plant to region.. In Third International Agronomy Congress, Agriculture Diversification, Climate Change Management and Livelihoods. November 26-30, New Delhi, India..
B. Gerard, F. Baudron, I. Niagumbo, F. Kanampiu, C. Thierfelder, M. Kassie, M. Jaleta (2012) Conservation Agriculture in African Rainfed Small Scale Farming Systems: The Agnostic View.. In ASA-CSSA-SSSA Annual Meeting Abstracts. 2012.
M.L.; Jat, Y.S.; Saharawat, M.K.; Gathala, H.S.; Sidhu, R.K.; Jat, B.R.; Kamboj, R.; Gupta, K.; Sayre, B. Gerard (2012) Conservation agriculture in Asia: Status and prospects, 67-69. In Third International Agronomy Congress, Agriculture Diversification, Climate Change Management and Livelihoods. November 26-30, New Delhi, India..
K. Mekonnen, G. Rachier, D. Lule, M. Bahta, D. Valbuena, A.J. Duncan, B. Gerard (2011) Competing uses, dynamics, and production and utilization constraints of crop residues in East Africa: Implications for conservation agriculture. In International Congress on Water 2011, Mekelle, Ethiopia, 19-26 September 2011.
P. Defourny, L. Schouten, S. Bartalev, S. Bontemps, P. Caccetta, AJW De Wit, C. Di Bella, B. Gérard, P. Giri, V. Gond, others (2009) Accuracy assessment of a 300 m global land cover map: the GlobCover experience. In 33rd ISRSE, PS-B1-3, 4Á8 May. Stresa, Italy.
Gregory Duveiller, Pierre Defourny, Bruno Gérard (2008) A Method to Determine the Appropriate Spatial Resolution Required for Monitoring Crop Growth in a given Agricultural Landscape, III - 562-III - 565. In IGARSS 2008 - 2008 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium.
Mehdi Saqalli, Bruno Gérard, Charles Bielders, Pierre Defourny (2008) Benchmarking humanitarian support: Empirical Agent-based modeling of development action types in Nigerien villages. In Fifth annual conference of the European Social Simulation Association.
Eduardo Marinho, Bruno Gérard (2008) Tracking Vulnerability.
Yves Vigouroux, Bruno Gérard, Issoufou Kapran, A Mamadou, Fabrice Sagnard, Monique Deu, Jacques Chantereau, Jupiter Ndjeunga, Cédric Mariac, Jean-louis Pham, Gilles Bezançon (2007) Adaptative Shift Linked To Climate Change In A Major Sahelian Crop. In Plant & Animal Genomes XV Conference.
P.B. Irénikatché Akponikpè, Charles Bielders, Bruno Gérard, Karlheinz Michels (2007) Modeling integrated fertility management strategies for pearl millet in the Sahel, Niger. In 16th International Sypomposium of the International Scientific Centre for Fertilizers (CIEC).
Bruno Gérard, Dougbedji Fatondji, Caroline Dandois, Charles Bielders (2007) Toward farm specific recommendations for the use of mineral fertilizers in Sahelian crop-livestock systems, 16 - 19. In 16th International Symposium of the International Scientific Centre for Fertilizers (CIEC). 16-19 September 2007. Ghent, Belgium..
P.B. Irénikatché Akponikpè, Charles Bielders, Bruno Gérard, Karlheinz Michels (2006) APSIM simulation of millet response to combined application of cattle manure, millet residue and chemical fertilizer in the Sahel. In 13th ASA Conference.
J Dimes, S Twomlow, J Rusike, B Gerard, R Tabo, A Freeman, JDH Keatinge (2003) Increasing research impacts through low-cost soil fertility management options for Africa’s drought-prone areas, 82-92. In Sustainable Agriculture Systems for the Drylands. Proceedings of the International Symposium for Sustainable Dryland Agriculture Systems, 2–5 December 2003 Niamey, Niger..
W A Payne, B Gerard, M C Klaij (1995) Subsurface drip irrigation to evaluate transpiration ratios of pearl millet. In Micro irrigation for a changing world. Proceedings of the 5th International Microirrigation Congress. ASAE St Joseph, Mich., USA.
Steve Twomlow, John Dimes, Ade Freeman, Bruno Gérard, Joseph Rusike, Ramadjita Tabo Increasing the Impacts of Soil Fertility Research in Semi-Arid Areas of Africa. In IFA-FAO AGRICULTURE CONFERENCE.