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Carrie Saigeon-Crunk


      I love my sweet family. Jon, Keely, Abby, Reece and Emmie Sue Too much to tell and not enough writing space. I have had a pretty exciting life for my standards. I am lucky enough to be married to my best friend Jon Crunk and have been for 16 years this October. I have four children, Keely 16 who definitely thinks "out of the box" and is her own person. My next oldest daughter is 12 and wants to be a designer. She is obsessed with "Project Runway" and vows to be on there someday. She is also a straight A student. Reece is 8 and is a straight-A student in the 3rd grade. He loves soccer, video games, and the Karate Kid. Our youngest is Emily who is more like Keely-Jr. She is our girlie girl and loves to read and jump on the trampoline.