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Charlotta Jarnmark

  • Communications specialist
  • Department of Systems Ecology, Stockholm University


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Research Interests

Marine systems and resource management collaborative learning and Education for sustainable development (ESD).

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Communications specialist at SWEDESD, The Swedish International Centre of Education for Sustainable Development (SWEDESD), a department of Gotland University.

Charlotta Järnmark joined the SWEDESD team in 2010. She is working as a Communications specialist to develop SWEDESD outreach and strategic communication. Charlotta has an academic background in natural resource management and governance with a master’s degree in marine systems ecology. Throughout her career she has been active in the field of science communication for sustainable natural resource management, mainly practised in the field of Integrated Coastal zone- and sustainable fisheries management.

Former projects:

EU FP7 GAP1 - Bridging the gap between science and fishermen

EU FP6 INCOFISH - Integrating Multiple Demands on Coastal Zones with Emphasis on Aquatic Ecosystems and Fisheries

International Fisheries secretariat

Fishbase group at Museum of Natural History

Research technician (driller) at AMANDA project, Amundsen & Scott station


Integrating Multiple Demands on Coastal Zones with Emphasis on Aquatic Ecosystems and Fisheries

Charlotta Järnmark S

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Education history

Department of Systems Ecology, Stockholm University