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Chrissie Skates


      as Bridget Jones says - "have bottom the size of Brazil" this is very true :) my most distinguishing feature is my large arse i like to have a laugh - but i can't not be serious now and again ... i like to have a drink now and again ... but my life doesn't depend on drinking ... i despise smoking ... and i regularly tell people off for smoking ... i am in a place atm where i believe i am having the time of my life ... i love every piece of life that has been thrown at me ... i am lucky to have a very fulfilling life ... i love the fact that i got into the uni i wanted and i love the fact that i am going to meet and have already met new people i love the fact that no one holds me back i love the tattoo(s?) i want - and the tattoo i have is very dear to me i love to dance when im inebriated :D hehe i love what i have accomplished so far ... and i know i will love my future accomplishments just as much the friends i have are very dear to me ... as i could not love without them, nor live ...