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Christy Jerin

  • Library Specialist
  • University of Pittsburgh


    Growing old, but not quite growing up I love songs that evoke passion and make me cry I should be nicer to people I love my friends but I tend to "hang out" with my parents I am trying to convince myself that I belong in the US I believe the way that God speaks to you is not the same way he speaks to me I think people who beat animals should be killed I think we should be more accepting of others I think everyone is more sexual than what they think I love baseball more than 98% of other things I think mechanics are really sexy I hate that I have a facebook when I should be changing the world I talk about compromising situations way too much I belt songs in the car even though I can't sing I don't put enough energy into my friendships I want to travel to a number of places except Asian countries I like to watch people I hate it when I'm up and everybody else is sleeping I like to cry I want to be unique, but I feel like that is a fad I like fads I like talking about controversial subjects I don't know how to ride a bicycle I am learning to let go of situation and looking at them as learning experiences I don't like Bugs Bunny- he gives me the creeps I listen to folk remixes of pop songs I have a room-mate who doesn't judge me I like standing, not sitting I am scared that none of my dreams will come true I am in love with a boy and he doesn't know it I drink to much coffee I'm surprised I haven't had a heartattack I only brush my teeth once a day I suck at rollarblading, but I'm awesome at ice skating I like being alone- the silence is comforting to me I hate riddles with a passion I can be total hypocrite I love rain- so much I wanna live where it rains constantly I get wrapped in foreign love films I like art even though I can't paint, draw, etc. for anything I want to feel God I want to be a mom more than I want to get married A few facts about Christy Jerin that you might not know, authored by her most favorite roomate of four years: -Christy Jerin is probably the most faithful friend you will ever meet. -If you ever hear her yelling on the phone, she is talking to her dad, and it is about baseball. -She is not afraid to tell it how it is, a quality I admire and appreciate [most of the time :)] -We share a love for anything Hispanic, especially if those things happen to be members of the opposite sex -She has this ridiculous ability to find the best music before it reaches the radio -She is one of the most genuine people I know, both loving on her God, but admitting that she is not perfect -She is the best roomate I could have asked for. Yup, it was definitely destiny. ♥

    Professional experience

    Library Specialist

    University of Pittsburgh

    June 2010 - Present