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Chuck Whitehead


      So, rare earths? I work for Molycorp these days. We mine rare earth elements outside of China, which makes us unique. Rare earths themselves are not so rare as unlikely to be found at economically extractable concentrations. Rare earths are chic because the most valuable ones end up in those great magnets that hold EVERYTHING to the fridge (and also make electricty in wind turbines). I lived in Vegas for 5 years, working at the rare earth mine, and 2 summers ago I married a very un-vegas young woman. She's amazing in many ways that go well beyond the fact that she grew up in Vegas and has no tattoos. I could go on, but she could also get her own facebook page.... and since I am just creating an 'about me' 3 years after creating an account.... I had been developing new aplications for rare earths at the mine, but the company moved us to Denver this past summer so I could work on 'special projects' at the HQ. You know, James Bond kinda stuff. No tux, but at least I don't have to wear the hard hat and steel toed boots anymore. So if you have any ideas for applications involving rare earths and are indifferent to your IP, let me know about it!