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Claire Hill

  • PhD Student
  • University of Oxford


    I am a DPhil student at the University of Oxford, studying Interdisciplinary Bioscience. I am a member of the Oxford University Doctoral Training Centre which is funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC). My Phd project is a collaborative project between the labs of Dr. Alberto Baena (Dunn School of Pathology) and Dr. Dave Carter (Oxford Brookes University). This project aims to generate a new biological model of exosome loading for studying the transfer of these exovesicles between cells. As part of the project I will test a new approach in which exosome transfer can be monitored in Drosophila melanogaster. From January to March 2017 I completed a three-month research project in Dr. Ilan Davis lab to learn about RNA and protein localisation at the neuromuscular junction (NMJ) in Drosophila larvae. Drosophila provide an accessible model to improve our understanding of the molecular mechanisms involved in neuron development and plasticity; improving our understanding of memory and learning. I completed my undergraduate MSci Biochemistry degree at Queen's University Belfast with First Class Honours. During my Masters research project I investigated the role of micro (mi)RNAs in the growth, development and survival of a globally important parasite that undermines human health and impacts global agriculture.

    Professional experience

    Placement Scientist

    Randox Laboratories

    June 2013 - May 2014(a year)


    DPhil in Interdisciplinary Bioscience

    University of Oxford

    September 2016 - Present

    MSc Biochemistry with Professional Studies

    Queen's University Belfast

    September 2011 - June 2016(5 years)