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Claudio Slamovits

  • PhD.
  • Associate Professor
  • Dalhousie University
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Research Interests

Structure function and evolution of eukaryotic genomes. Comparative genomics of dinoflagellates and apicomplexans. Diversity and phylogenetics of protists. Molecular parasitology Horizontal gene transfer Haplosporidia symbiosis metagenomics.

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Since July, 2009 I am Assistant Professor at Dalhousie University, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I am also a Scholar of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR) and a member of the Centre for Comparative Genomics and Evolutionary Bioinformatics (CIGEB). My position and research are partly funded by CIFAR and the Tula Foundation. The research interests in my lab center on molecular biology and evolution of eukaryotes and their genomes with a strong (exclusive so far) focus on unicellular eukaryotes, including free-living and parasitic protozoa, algae and fungi. In particular, we are interested in studying how genomes and their function evolve as a result of radical changes in lifestyle such as the acquisition of parasitic and symbiotic relationships. Some of the approaches employed in the lab include high-throughput and conventional DNA sequencing, comparative genomics, molecular phylogenetics and a variety of molecular biology methods. Current projects in the lab focus on (a) structure and evolution of dinoflagellate nuclear genomes, (b) comparative genomics of apicomplexan parasites and their free-living relatives, (c) we collaborate with the whole nuclear genome analysis of the complex, secondary algae Bigelowiella natans and Guillardia theta on which we are analyzing endosymbiotic gene transfer, transcriptional regulatory sequences and transposable elements and (d) inter-kingdom symbioses (symbiotic relationships between eukaryotes and bacteria or archaea), and (e-z…) the tally of our interests is too long to list here and grows every day. Prior to my current position at Dalhousie I was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of British Columbia in the lab of Patrick J. Keeling where I worked on various fascinating questions of eukaryotic evolution. I got my Licentiate (BSc/MSc) and PhD degrees in Biology from Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) working on the molecular phylogeny of South American “Tuco-tuco” rodents and the evolution of their genomic Satellite DNA under the supervision of Dr. María S. Rossi in the Laboratory of Physiology and Molecular Biology, School of Natural Sciences, UBA. I don’t remember what happened before all that.


Ancient Homology of the Mitochondrial Contact Site and Cristae Organizing System Points to an Endosymbiotic Origin of Mitochondrial Cristae

  • Muñoz-Gómez S
  • Slamovits C
  • Dacks J
  • Baier K
  • Spencer K
  • Wideman J
Current Biology (2015)
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Analysis of EST data of the marine protist Oxyrrhis marina, an emerging model for alveolate biology and evolution

  • Lee R
  • Lai H
  • Malik S
  • Saldarriaga J
  • Keeling P
  • Slamovits C
BMC Genomics (2014)
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Revisiting the evolutionary history and roles of protein phosphatases with Kelch-like domains in plants.

  • Maselli, GA
  • Slamovits CH
  • Bianchi JI
  • Vilarrasa-Blasi J
  • Caño-Delgado AI
  • Mora-García S.
Plant Physiology (2014)
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Transcriptomic Analysis Reveals Evidence for a Cryptic Plastid in the Colpodellid Voromonas pontica, a Close Relative of Chromerids and Apicomplexan Parasites

  • Gile G
  • Slamovits C
PLoS ONE (2014)
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Algal genomes reveal evolutionary mosaicism and the fate of nucleomorphs

  • Curtis B
  • Tanifuji G
  • Burki F
  • Gruber A
  • Irimia M
  • Maruyama S
  • Arias M
  • Ball S
  • Gile G
  • Hirakawa Y
  • Hopkins J
  • Kuo A
  • Rensing S
  • Schmutz J
  • Symeonidi A
  • Elias M
  • Eveleigh R
  • Herman E
  • Klute M
  • Nakayama T
  • Oborník M
  • Reyes-Prieto A
  • Armbrust E
  • Aves S
  • Beiko R
  • Coutinho P
  • Dacks J
  • Durnford D
  • Fast N
  • Green B
  • Grisdale C
  • Hempel F
  • Henrissat B
  • Höppner M
  • Ishida K
  • Kim E
  • Kořený L
  • Kroth P
  • Liu Y
  • Malik S
  • Maier U
  • McRose D
  • Mock T
  • Neilson J
  • Onodera N
  • Poole A
  • Pritham E
  • Richards T
  • Rocap G
  • Roy S
  • Sarai C
  • Schaack S
  • Shirato S
  • Slamovits C
  • Spencer D
  • Suzuki S
  • Worden A
  • Zauner S
  • Barry K
  • Bell C
  • Bharti A
  • Crow J
  • Grimwood J
  • Kramer R
  • Lindquist E
  • Lucas S
  • Salamov A
  • McFadden G
  • Lane C
  • Keeling P
  • Gray M
  • Grigoriev I
  • Archibald J
Nature (2012)
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Professional experience

Associate Professor

Dalhousie University

July 2015

Fellow, Program in Integrated Microbial Biodiversity

Canadian Institute for Advanced Research

July 2009

Assistant Professor

Dalhousie University

July 2009 - July 2015 (6 years)

Research Associate

University of British Columbia

September 2007 - June 2009 (2 years)

Postdoctoral Fellow

University of British Columbia

October 2002 - August 2007 (5 years)

Education history

Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Universidad de Buenos Aires


October 1997 - September 2002 (5 years)

Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales (FCEyN), Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA)


March 1990 - September 1997 (8 years)