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Constance Mbassi Manga

  • PhD candidate
  • Transcreation Team Lead
  • Hogarth Worldwide
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A French native of Cameroonian origin, I was raised multilingual and have been working in the field of language for 27 years, first for 12 years as a freelance translator and interpreter, then heading my own translation agency, and in the last 5 years I have worked in languages, first as a Translation and Transcreation Project Manager, and now as a Team Lead/an Account Director. Moreover, I spent my childhood in a highly multilingual country (Cameroon, where over 250 languages are spoken) and I spoke 4 languages (2 African languages, English, French) from birth, and learnt a 5th one (German) from the age of 10. I have always been fascinated by language practices and by the unique and powerful link that people draw between the language(s) they speak and who they are. I am interested in language practices of non-European background adults in diasporic contexts, and how these tie in with ideologies of language, well-being and 'belonging'. My ongoing PhD thesis focuses spefically on Camfranglais in use by diasporic Cameroonians living in Western cities from a sociolinguistic and ethnographic perspective.

Recent publications

  • A critical discussion of a postmodern approach to the concept of the native speaker

    • Mbassi Manga C

Professional experience

Transcreation Team Lead

Hogarth Worldwide

May 2016 - Present


Masters in Research

Kings College London

September 2008 - August 2009(a year)

Diploma in Translation

Chartered Institute of Linguists

January 2006 - August 2006(7 months)

British Institute Certificate in French and English Translation

British Institute in Paris

September 1997 - July 1998(10 months)


Lycée Guillaume Apollinaire

September 1985 - June 1987(2 years)