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Corey Decker


      The following is a complete plagiarization of my myspace page (which I frequent about as often as this page.........which is to say, rarely.) Well lets see......I was born and raised in Southern California, even though I am probably not your typical so cal teen. I suppose I am rather laid back..... I love to study and read the Word of God, read the works of the past Church Fathers and theologians, and grow in knowledge of my Lord and Savior! I love fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ. Not the most exciting person in the world I suppose.... I live and breathe for the lord over all creation, Jesus Christ, and hope to glorify and serve Him in all I do. For life is not about me, nor about anything I want. Life was given to us by the almighty God, and we deserve nothing but to be condemned and judged because of our sin and wickedness. Be strong in the Lord my brothers and sisters in Christ. For we are not of this world, nor should we be conformed to it. If you look like the world, act like the world, sound like the world, do everything just like the world.......then perhaps you are exactly that....OF the world. Wake up and realize it is Christ that saved you, and to Him all glory and honor is due. Give up your youthful lusts and passions, and turn to God. For it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. Be strong brethren, and perservere. For it is through suffering and trials that we are perfected in Christ. Do not place you focus and purpose upon money,career, family, or success. Put your eyes on Christ, and seek to do His will which is found in His word. Then you will truly have life, and will be doing what God created you to do which is bring glory to Him!