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Crissy Geronimo


      Failure only happens from the time you stop trying... <3 20 things about me 1. i love God 2. i LOVE my family so much and i value them the most 3. i miss my bestfriends :( 3. i love to go to auh again! 4. i want a reunion with my highschool friends... 5. i love to eat chocolates 6. i'm mataray daw! (but that's the first impression) 7. i help other people as long as i could 8. i love to sing 9. i bake 10. i know how to cook 11. i hate BACKSTABBERS! 12. i also hate plastics! 13. i've studied in auh for 6 yrs. and went back to the phil. 14. i usually cry whenever i feel bad 15. i HATE users! 16. i love surfing the net whenever i have nothing to do 17. i miss being a kid 18. i love dogs but afraid of them 19. i am AFRAID of ghosts 20. i hate cockroaches