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Daniel Croymans

  • Master of Science
  • Medical Student
  • David Geffen School of Medicine UCLA
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Master's Thesis Project: WHO reports cardiovascular diseases (CVD) now surpassing all other causes of death in the world and that importantly, at least 80% of deaths from cardiovascular heart disease and strokes may be prevented through a healthy diet, regular physical activity and the avoidance of tobacco products. Unarguably there exists a complex interaction of genetic and environmental components to CVD. However, given the escalating prevalence of CVD within the last few decades it seems the environmental stressor is the denoted culprit rather than the genetic. My interest is to ascertain the potential protective mechanisms behind environmental factors/choices that lead to the amelioration of CVD and other metabolic disease risks including type II diabetes (T2D) and metabolic syndrome. To demonstrate the value of a 12-week total body resistance training intervention in sedentary, overweight, young men, I propose an exploratory analysis of co-expression networks from human muscle tissue to compare with changes in insulin sensitivity, blood markers of cardiometabolic health, and arterial structure and function.

Recent publications

  • Effects of resistance training on central blood pressure in obese young men.

    • Croymans D
    • Krell S
    • Oh C
    • et al.
  • Untrained Young Men Have Dysfunctional HDL Compared to Strength Trained Men Irrespective of Overweight/Obesity Status.

    • Roberts C
    • Katiraie M
    • Croymans D
    • et al.

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Medical Student

David Geffen School of Medicine UCLA

August 2010 - Present

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March 2008 - June 2010(2 years)


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July 2010 - Present

Master of Science


March 2008 - June 2011(3 years)

Bachelor of Science


September 2004 - March 2008(4 years)

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