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Daniel Estrada

  • Master of Applied Geography
  • Adjunct Instructor
  • Lewis-Clark State College
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Born and raised in El Paso, Texas. I have traveled extensively within the United States and Northern Mexico. I have recently traveled and explored areas of British Columbia and Quebec in Canada. I have journeyed to Europe as part of a music ambassador program. Inquisitive and eager to explore are traits that assisted with earning degrees in History and in Geography as well as interning with the National Geographic Society and ending up as a Contractor with them before returning to school for graduate work in Applied Geography focusing on Transportation Planning. General =========== My first interest is the application and formation of more public transit systems for metropolitan uses in the Western United States, primarily in the Southwest Region in the El Paso-Las Cruces Metropolitan area. Commuter Rail and how it can affect transportation patterns to assist in traffic congestion and to help meet EPA air quality standards are of interest to me. Also on the side Geography portrayed through popular literature interests me. The general US public receives geographic information through smart phones, media sources and to a great extent through literature and movies. How the locations are described and how geography is conveyed to people through such popular sources such as Daniel Brown, J.R.R Tolkien and others interests me. Master's Research =========== As our population grows, our infrastructure needs to grow with us. The Eastern and Midwest cities have highly developed public transit systems that allow people the choice on the mode of transportation that they choose. In our area its all about the automobile. Travel Demand Modeling is a powerful tool in assisting Planners with analyzing travel patterns in their regional areas. Yet Travel Demand has been a poor indicator of realistic ridership number in regards to commuter rail. Through a use of TDM and Regression models a joint model will be used to study and analyze the potential for Transit to be used first before the creation of wider lanes, more roads which only address the symptoms. This research will further science by providing an improvement in the calibration of ridership feasibility studies.

Professional experience

Adjunct Instructor

Lewis-Clark State College

January 2014 - Present

GIS Analyst

Idaho Transportation Department

November 2012 - Present

Graduate Assistant

New Mexico State University

August 2010 - May 2012(2 years)


Masters of Applied Geography

New Mexico State University

August 2009 - May 2012(3 years)

Bachelor of Science in Geography

New Mexico State University

January 2005 - December 2006(2 years)

Bachelor of Arts in History

New Mexico State University

August 1995 - August 2002(7 years)


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