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Daniel Groneberg

  • Bachelor Communication Design
  • Student
  • Billy Blue College of Design

    Research interests

    Art HistoryIllustrationPhotographyFine ArtCommunication DesignDesign


    Daniel Groneberg is a Documentary Photographer living in Brisbane Australia. Daniel is a graduate of CATC Design School with a Diploma of Photo Imaging and also the winner of the colleges Fibonacci Award for Creative Excellence 2013/14. Currently, Daniel is furthering his studies with a Bachelor of Communication Design at Billy Blue College of Design Brisbane. He is available for freelance work both nationally and Internationally upon request. "Documentary Photography to me is the representation of my environment, objects or cultures that capture my eye as I travel through life. These things may, at times, seem mundane but thats just life, not everything is perfect so I will not pretend that it is. I have started employing a more typology style to my documentary work which dose not always include people or direct human interest, sometimes I think that the lack of human interest is what is actually interesting, it asks questions about a photograph; Who made that? Where is that? Why is that there? What is or isn't being done about it? It is also important that people make up there own minds about what I am trying to say, I give a brief outline but the most interesting thing about what I do is seeing how others react to it, some like it, some don't, I just hope that my audience can look at my work and appreciate it for what it is, not what it isn't. I am heavily influenced by other typologist documentary photographers, Ed Ruscha (in particular 26 Gasoline Stations, Some Los Angeles Apartments and Real Estate Opportunities), works by Mark Indig (Closed on Sundays) and Thibaut Derien (J’habite une ville fantôme). To me photography is not about creating the perfect landscape or portrait although for others this is the case, it is about creating a record of what I find interesting, not what popular culture defines as interesting. I like the irony I see in the world around me and I want to show other people what it is like to see through my eyes."

    Professional experience


    Billy Blue College of Design

    February 2014 - Present


    Diplooma Photo Imaging

    Commercial Arts Training College

    January 2013 - January 2014(a year)