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Daniel Milo Farkner

  • Master in Computer Science & Master in Ethical Hac
  • Via University College Lareruddannelsen i Arhus
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My name is Daniel Milo Farkner and I am a master student in Computer Science at the University of Aarhus, Denmark, also known as DAIMI. To achieve an unique specialization where I will master both the theoretical and the practical aspect of computer security, I will take half of my masters degree at University of Abertay, Dundee(Scotland). My choice in specialization emerged after attending talks about the reality of hacking and the danish problem with close surveillance of the general public. This piqued my interest and I started reading up on the subject and started creating a workshop I could present to my fellow students. Soon I discovered that a lot more legwork had to be done, besides writing the workshop material. This was the catalyst for me to found the computer science student organization DSAU, which I am now the chairman of. After a study abroad in Australia I decided to take more of my education internationally, since this develops ones cultural intelligence and expands the way we think about and tackles problems as they arise. I also find that I have a lot to share about Denmark and how we do thinks. Just like I have a lot to learn from the rest of the world that I can bring back with me. Besides my studies in Australia, I have also experienced the world through trekking in Thailand, rock climbing in New Zealand, diving at Koh Tao the Turtle Island and so forth. My forthcoming personality have served me well, and I have no doubt, that I will do well socializing in Abertay. Apart from my interest in computer science, I also preoccupy myself with a range of organizations, beside my student organization. This ranges from organizations like the union of IT professionals Prosa-STUD, where I help organize talks and events. Most recently I have been working on talks the effectiveness of logging the internet activity and the latest development in cryptography. I also spend time as chairman of the local dorm, bartender at our Friday-bar on campus and as ambassador for the network group UNITY:Katrinebjerg, where I organize events and are a representative from the computer science students.


Bachelor in Computer Science

Århus University

June 2008 - Present