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Daniel Stark

  • PhD Candidate
  • Rice University


    Isn't that what everything above is for? I'm generally an enthusiastic, optimistic realist with a hearty laugh and an almost constant smile. I have an epicurean view to that which is good, and a stoic view to that which isn't; I'm happy even if much in my life could lead me otherwise. I'm probably about the most eclectic guy you'll ever meet. And I love hearing people's stories, since well, people are really rather interesting. I'm incredibly interested in other cultures (music, food, activities), liberty, the "Good" life, history (since people were interesting), and loving life. Getting my PhD at Rice in Physics. Looking for truth and that one four-sigma, trying to balance all my interests with work. Becoming a "Renaissance Man." The spaces sites are of pictures I've taken over the last few years. Haven't really gotten into the whole blog thing yet, and the few sparks of creativity concerning poetry or artwork usually go into e-mails to friends that I think would enjoy it most. BUT my pictures on the spaces site are GREAT and from all over! Check them out. :) I've switched over to adding my newest pictures to instead as it is easier for me. I'll keep adding new pictures to there instead of spaces until I run out of space. Then, I'll go back to spaces. However, the spaces sites, I'll keep up, so that my old pictures are viewable. You can call me for free internationally (and not have to worry about stupid German firewalls) using Skype. I'm dan_stark on it. Oh, don't expect another major update of this for about two years.

    Professional experience

    PhD Candidate

    Rice University

    August 2005 - Present