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Dannica Bulac


      A simple girl who's livin' her life to the fullest. <3 I LOVE GOD. :) My name is Danica Cuesta Bulac. I was born on January 24 in the year 1995 at Makati General Hospital. I am the youngest child of Danilo and Lorna Bulac. Other people find me as MATARAY and some says I'm kind. Hindi po ako mataray. I'm a simple person, TALKATIVE BUT SHY. I'm sweet, loving, caring and friendly. I love kissing and hugging my friends on their cheeks, I usually do this on my friends. Most of my friends says that I'm a negative thinker and I admit it. I always smile to people. I always laugh with my friends. I have long patience. I'm the person who's going to cry on to problems. I always sleep late, oo anemic ako! My talents are singing, dancing and a little of acting. I don't like Arts, really. I know how to play Volleyball, I've been part of Varcity team in our school. I also know how to play Badminton. I know how to play keyboard and guitar, a little. I surf the net, take pictures, eat something, listen to music and use my phone when I'm bored. I love chatting on the net with my friends. I love reading quotes, watching movies, videos and love story on video written by Marcelo Santos III. My favorite colors are pink, black, violet and brown. My favorite cartoon character is Hello Kitty and Barbie. I love chocolates, but not the black one. I love to eat Lasagna, Shawarma, Lechon Paksiw, Graham cakes, Ice Cream, Fries, Nerds and Spaghetti. I love Starbucks, MCDO and KFC. My favorite subject is English and Values. MAPANLAIT at MAYABANG ang ayoko. I know how to give thanks, say sorry, accept my mistakes and learn from my mistakes. I know how to appreciate things even the small ones. I'm afraid of bees, cockroaches, dogs and even crossing the road. I LOVE SURPRISES! <3 But I'm not a materialistic person. I don't like recitations. I would not raise my hands even though I already know the answer unless my teacher would call me. Music is my companion when I want to be alone. It changes my mood. My dream in life is to be a Flight Attendant.