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David Catalán


      About me : A Facebook Original ║█║▌║█║▌│║▌█║▌║ My name is David, I am graduate student in Psychology, pursuing a PHD in Organizational & Industrial Psychology. I work in counseling and I am also a Freelance Nature Photographer. The most important thing I can say about myself is that I like honesty, it is a a rare commodity nowadays. Spontaneity is another great trait I like in people. Empathy, kindness and a desire to make the world a better place are also attributes I admire in people. I think that among the greatest challenges that face our humanity is overpopulation, ecological challenges and the human rights situation in so many places in the world including the rich nations. Moreover, a desire to see ourselves as planetary beings can definitively lead us to a new cognitive view of ourselves and the place that we all inhabit, this small blue planet. I am a planetary citizen. I like the arts, healthy & kind vegan cuisine and music. There is an artistic side to me, I am very fond of meditation and find my inspiration and peace in the natural world. In addition, I am pragmatic in just about everything I do. I support humanistic values and seek community justice for the alien, the forgotten and the unrepresented. Catalonian roots & identity,The arts of the world , flamenco & Andalusia's deep song, my South African family and friends, the beauty of the Feminine, Southern European culture in all its aspects, my people in Chile always in my heart, Vietnamese cuisine, photography, The magic island of Ibiza, trance music and the blues young and old are some of my greatest passions.