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Deborah Folson

  • Instructor
  • Henry Ford Community College


    I am an experienced educator possessing over 11 years of experience as an instructor, program developer, trainer and 8 years as a human resource manager. As an Instructor, I bring experience and training in traditional and online classroom instruction, and dedication to student academic success. Corporate human resource experience includes remote staff management, diversity training, assessment, testing, and interview skills. Key competencies include: • Created, marketed and developed program content for an employability skills training program • Extensive knowledge and experience implementing methodologies used in the college community • Author, Employment Basics – A Manuel for Teachers© Currently pursuing an EdD in Education, my interest is in education as it impacts general practice physicians treating patients with autoimmune disease. In October 2006, I completed my Master of Management degree and, along with one of my study group partners, enrolled in the Doctor of Management program at University of Phoenix. The next month I was fighting for my life. Two months later I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. The next five years were spent restoring my health. I changed eating habits, joined a gym; in May 2012, I jogged in the Race for the Cure. (Breast Cancer) It is my belief that patients must become their own advocates. To that end, I accrued volumes of information regarding autoimmune disease, attended numerous seminars through membership in the American Autoimmune Related Disease Association, Inc. (AARDA), and communicated with support groups and physicians. My study brought me to a “cure” and I was elated! However, the bureaucracy that stands between a patient and cure seemed insurmountable. I never lost my desire for my degree; the diagnosis simply changed cynosure. Just as restoring health brought me to a race, returning to school unifies the time spent in research with my desire to acquire the qualifications needed to give voice to those who live with autoimmune disease.

    Professional experience


    Henry Ford Community College

    November 2004 - Present


    Northcentral University

    September 2012 - April 2015(3 years)