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Denise Miller

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    I am a professional storyteller. Almost 25 years ago, I began using story as a way to teach historical, cultural, recreational and environmental curriculum to students that would come to such Edmonton area locations as The John Janzen Nature Centre, The Strathcona Wilderness Centre and The Bennett Environmental Education Centre. Over those many years, I came to love the storytelling part of what I was doing, more and more. Finally, in 2001, I launched my career as a touring storyteller. Since then I have been to many schools and libraries around Edmonton, around Alberta, and more recently around the world, performing storytelling for thousands of mainly youth participants. I come from a mixed cultural background with native North American ancestry from both my mother and father. Much of my storytelling repertoire is comprised of native legends and lore. My artistic and spiritual ways to connect come largely from that cultural awareness and acceptance. My previous role on the Provincial Aboriginal Steering committee of the Safe and Caring Schools and Communities initiative helped me gain perspective into the importance of my work with storytelling. I also worked for several years as Cultural Liaison / Reporter for The Aboriginal Multi Media Society with this goal in mind. On my storytelling journeys, I collected the stories of elders and produced a weekly radio show. I have been on the artist’s rosters for the Alberta Foundation of the Arts, Artists and Education program and for The Young Alberta Book Society for many years. This funding has helped me bring the immense value and impact of the art of storytelling to thousands of students from primary to post-secondary. I was the artist chosen to tour each library in the Edmonton Public Library system for the summer reading program in 2007 and 2008. In the past, I belonged to and held board positions in local storytelling societies such as Storytellers of Canada and The Alberta League Encouraging Storytelling where I also attended many courses and workshops to improve my skills. I intend to continue developing my repertoire and skill as a storyteller whenever opportunity arises. I have certification in several human dynamics modalities and presentation skills. I have trained in three different therapeutic modalities so that I can engage in story at a much deeper level. I belong to the Edmonton chapter of The Canadian Association for Professional Speakers. Through that organization, I have attended many workshops and courses to increase my professionalism, network and ability to promote myself.

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