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Dimitri Mallis

  • Software Developer
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Professional experience

Software Developer

Dynotronic International

December 2009 - Present


BSc IT Honours

University of Johannesburg

January 2009 - October 2009(9 months)


University of Johannesburg

January 2005 - November 2008(4 years)

Research interests


From 1999 to 2004 I was a boy Scout. I was a member of 1st Morning Side Scout group. ( I was leader of the Springbok troop. In 2001, I swam Midmar Mile for the first time. ( After that I swam it another 2 times. In 2001, I also started participating in mini triathlons. I stopped in 2006. In 2001, I participated in the 94.7 cycle challenge ( for the first time, and have completed this race 5 time. If time allows this year, I will compete again. In 2005, I started using the Linux operating system ( as my primary operating system ( This has been a great advantage for me, since I have used it as a strategic tool in my work with Submarine (discussed next) and working experience. I have built the Linux kernel, (many times). I completed a Linux From Scratch build ( after which I used gentoo Linux. Gentoo ( is a meta source distribution, which means every package installed on the system is compiled from scratch, customised and optimised for the best possible performance. In 2005, I became a panel member of a project called “ISM” funded by MTN and ran my Submarine – depth research ( I am still a panel member. My function is “Trend Spotting” whereby I am given a task to do research about up and coming trends. I compete against ~135 people at the moment. As compensation, I receive a prize if I win a challenge. On average, I win prizes to the value of upto R5 000 regularly. I have a web site, which acts as a home page. Here is the address: It is hosed by heroku ( which is part of cloud computing service. ( I have links to all my honours work, up till the end of first semester. ( There are links to other work, such as the 3D printer and my blogs, which I discuss next. In December 2008 and January 2009, began work on a RepRap, ( which is a 3D printer. Here is the link to my blog which contains all my work. I have also build my own working Arduino, ( which is the hardware component of a open source prototyping board. (

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